About US

about us

Does the American dream exist? And the answer TODAY is:

yes, it does. We, at Hot Dog Maracay Miami, are living proof of it.

Originally from Maracay, Venezuela, we landed in the heart of Miami, specifically in Brickell, with hopes and dreams shining in our eyes. 

Adversity for us wasn’t a roadblock, but rather a driving force. 

We had to reinvent ourselves, evolve, and start from scratch with the only tools we had: determination, patience, knowledge, and a laser-focused vision.

Looking back after 6 years, we can proudly say that Hot Dog Maracay Miami is not just a business, but a testament to tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we stand as a robust, well-positioned, successful, and innovative venture in the U.S. food landscape.


But what sets us apart? 


Our secret lies in the hot dog. A globally recognized food, yet we’ve given it our special twist. We’ve reinvented the traditional hot dog by infusing it with flavors and techniques unique to our Venezuelan heritage, crafting our own unparalleled recipe.


With a soaring demand and a desire to spread our taste everywhere, Hot Dog Maracay Miami envisions further expansion. 


We’re on the path to adding franchises, and with the determination and passion that defines us, we aim to become the “McDonald’s” of hot dogs.


Join us on this flavorful journey and experience the true essence of Hot Dog Maracay Miami!

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